About Us

It has been our concern that a lot of students and history lovers can’t find great historical resources. Yes, there is a lot of websites that turn up on the Internet but a lot of them are oftentimes inaccurate and untrustworthy. Also, a lot of wiki pages are using unverified sources. As such, it can oftentimes be problematic for students to do their research. This is also a problem faced by history lovers who just want to immerse themselves in historical data and the like.

It is for this reason that we have established this World War 2 Site. Our goal is not only to give information and facts about history but more specifically, to provide the full picture of what led to World War 2, the key personalities and their profiles, how the various battles were fought, analyze the true outcomes and impacts of the war and so on.

We hope that we were able to do that and more in this website. We have sought to make this web-museum very user-friendly and interactive so that you will find it enjoyable while you are learning of the things that happened during the war.

Our mission is to teach you, especially students, what happened in the past and encourage them to learn from it. We want you to be entertained, inspired and educated while you are exploring this website. Take advantage of this website. Use it for your different purposes.

Our only request is that you tell your friends and family about this website because we want more people to visit it. Next time somebody asks you questions about World War 2, refer them to this website and we will be happy to answer their questions. Just tell them to use our contact page for sending us an email.